period bootcamp with calee shea

are you ready to finally feel in alignment with your body + your life?


this program is for you if...

  • you're a millennial go-getter and your health is getting in the way of the life you dream of having

  • you want to take charge of your fertility, but you're fearful of it because no one has ever taught you the ins and outs of how your body actually works

  • the idea of a totally symptomless period is laughable because yours have been so terrible your whole life

  • sex feels more like a chore than one of life's greatest pleasures

  • you've spent countless hours googling the hell out of your symptoms and dropped mad cash on "cures" and it has just left you overwhelmed and discouraged

  • you believe that your emotional health is deeply connected to your physical health but don't know where to even begin

  • you realize that missing work days because of your period is literally costing you money

  • you envy other women who seem so confident, connected, + comfortable in their bodies
  • you want to come off of hormonal birth control but you're terrified of how your body will react

  • you believe that you have to make big compromises for better health and you don't have the time for that

  • you spend so much time hating on your body and at war with it and you can see how it is affecting how you show up in every single aspect of your life

  • tapping into your feminine power is something you know you crave, but the idea of trying to learn what that means for you sounds exhausting

what if...

  • you felt connected and in alignment with your body every single day

  • your periods were easy, symptomless, and left you feeling recharged and ready to take on the world

  • your life was filled with the amazing, hot, steamy sex that you know you deserve

  • you were tapped into your feminine power, giving you the ability to create a life that you love

  • you knew exactly what to eat to fuel your body and feel in alignment with your health - no guessing, no stressing, and absolutely no food fear

  • your body glowed from the inside out - clear skin, healthy hair, strong, and confident as hell
  • you didn't rely on hormonal birth control for pregnancy prevention or to combat period symptoms because you had all the tools to do that yourself

  • you had a step-by-step guide for how to live in your body in a way that felt so fucking yummy every day

  • you had support, accountability, and partnership to guide you on this journey to better health for as long as you needed it


if you've got hormonal acne, cramps, PCOS, endo, PMDD, heavy flow, headaches, a missing period, or anything else period/ sexual health related, the tools in this program can help.

we have 3 different payment options! PIF, 6 months, + 9 months!


this container is so sacred so i are very selective about who i welcome into the program. first, you'll fill out an application and after you fill that out, you will be prompted to book a one-on-one call.

shortly after, a member of the team will reach out and let you know if your application has been approved.
on the call, you and i will work together to determine if period bootcamp is a good fit for you and you may be offered a spot.

rose gold option

this option allows you to do the program at your own pace. you get lifetime access to the course content, the bonus courses, and the members-only facebook group for questions, community, + support!

6 Month Payment Plan




9 Month Payment Plan




Pay In Full




VIP option

this option gives you access to everything from the rose gold option + 3 group calls per month for a $2200 investment


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